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At Grime Fighters Clean Team, we offer a straightforward and affordable pricing model for our Laundry Washing service. For your everyday street clothes, we charge a set fee per pound, ensuring a cost-effective solution for keeping your casual attire fresh and clean. Additionally, to cater to specialized cleaning needs, there is a surcharge for the laundering of uniforms, providing you with a comprehensive and customizable laundry experience. With our transparent pricing and exceptional laundry care, you can trust us to handle all your clothing needs with utmost professionalism and convenience.

At Grime Fighters Clean Team, we take meticulous care of clothes to ensure they always look their best. Our specialized cleaning process goes beyond the ordinary, as we focus on both hygiene and appearance. Sanitization is at the forefront of our service, as we employ cutting-edge techniques to eliminate bacteria and germs, making the clothes safe to wear. Our expert team is well-versed in stain removal, tackling even the most stubborn marks to restore your clothes to their pristine condition. Additionally, we pay close attention to fabric care, using gentle and suitable cleaning agents to preserve the integrity of the materials. With our dedicated approach to laundry care, you can rest assured that your garments will not only be clean but also perfectly maintained, reflecting the cleanliness of your wardrobe.

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Pay As You Go



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Grime Fighters Clean Team - Cleaning Services | Laundry Washing Service

One call cleans it all!

How to Use Our Laundry Services


Call and set up an appointment

Using our laundry services is a breeze – simply call or text us to schedule a pickup, even if it’s outside of your regular cleaning schedule. We’re here to accommodate your needs. 

For same-day rush orders, we offer prompt service with a $20 rush fee, ensuring you get your fresh laundry exactly when you need it.



Fill Your Grime Fighters Laundry Bag

Fill your Grime Fighters provided laundry bag. There is no need to sort or pretreat! 

We will do that and clean the clothes to your specifications. 

Be sure to let us know if you have any sensitivities. 


Set out Laundry by 8am on Scheduled Day

Set your bags out by 8 am on your scheduled day. 

Please  be sure to label your bag with your last name. 

Failed attempts at securing laundry on scheduled day will result in a $10 fee. Additional laundry days can not be picked up until fees are paid.